Donate to Collections

Making a Donation

Thanks to the generosity of people such as you, the Oregon Historical Society has built a world class collection of museum and library materials. We must be thoughtful and careful in accepting donations to adhere to our mission, avoid duplication, and assure the best use of our resources to safeguard Oregon’s history.

We do not accept unsolicited collection donations. All potential donations must go through a review process that is overseen by experts who are qualified to assess the relevance and suitability of items in relation to the overall collecting policies and needs of OHS. 

If you have collection materials you wish to donate to the OHS, we ask that you contact these staff members before bringing or sending items to the OHS building:

For museum artifacts (such as clothing items, furniture, dishes, dolls, quilts) please contact:

Kim Buergel, Registrar

For library materials (such as letters, books, photographs, film, or maps), please contact:

Shawna Gandy, Library Director

  • Due to the upcoming major renovation of our research library, we are unable to accept your donation to the library’s collection at this time but appreciate hearing from you. Please be patient, as it may take a while for us to return your call or email.
  • We are not able to accommodate drop-in visitors.
  • The library no longer accepts postcards, daily newspapers (such as the Oregonian or Oregon Journal), or published family histories.

For more information regarding materials donation, please click the links below to see our two donation guides and collections policy:

We greatly appreciate your interest in contributing to our collections. We look forward to speaking with you about the materials you wish to donate.

Personal Collection Care

Do you have your own collection of historic artifacts, manuscripts, photographs, books, or films? The Oregon Historical Society has some hints for preserving these items, including: