Film and Video

The Moving Image Collection consists of 8.5 million feet of film and videotape, including Oregon news events from 1966 to the present, early newsreels, family movies, commercial/industrial films, and scenic and wildlife films. Examples include the Amos Burg collection on river exploration, the Finley collection of wildlife and nature, the Ray Conway collection of Pacific Northwest travel, and the Louis Huber collection on Alaskan culture. A small viewing collection is available in the library. To view other films, please contact Matthew Cowan, Archivist – Moving Images and Photography, at or 503.306.5207.

Footage Requests

Some Collection Items from our YouTube Channel

The Last Days for Ye Olde Wooden Interurban Cars

By Raymond Rogers, MI# 01260, 1953

Raymond Rogers Home Movies

Raymond Rogers Home Movies (ca. 1935-1950): 35mm footage of Portland -- including 23rd Street car footage, Ringling Brother Circus, Blue Mouse Theater, Vanport Flood, etc.; beautiful black and white footage of Portland circa WWII.

The Boy Mayor

Directed by Henry McRae, The Boy Mayor dramatizes a unique interlude in Oregon's history. In July 1914, Eugene J. Rich was chosen as Portland's "Boy Mayor," part of an effort to provide guidance to boys in danger of delinquency. Later that year, the Universal Film Manufacturing Company brought Rich to Hollywood. The Boy Mayor premiered in Portland at the Star Theatre at SW Washington and Park in December of 1914. Following its restoration led by the Oregon Historical Society, it was shown at a second premiere at The Hollywood Theatre on Thursday, April 24, 2014.


Moving Image Footage Requests (revised 2017)

OHS does not charge licensing fees. We charge $60/hr. to cover labor for technical services which includes research, pulls, cleaning, repair, transfers and rendering/uploading.

It is the responsibility of the patron to clear all rights for any public use. When possible we will provide rights information or work with the patron to make a determination. While the rights of some footage has been transferred to OHS the rights statements for the majority of moving images in our collection are not known. Above and beyond rights research – at the discretion of OHS – would necessitate a research fee per hour of OHS staff time.

OHS is limited in terms of its ability to upload and/or transfer files online. In most cases we can provide clean files via a file hosting service. In certain instances – depending on the size of the file – it might be necessary to send footage via mail (client is responsible for all associated costs, including hard drive or DVD).

Please note: Footage provided by OHS is of a basic standard quality. OHS cannot currently create high res transfers (HD or 2K+) in-house. We are happy to work with 3rd parties – approved by OHS - to meet the additional needs of specific projects. In these instances the client is responsible for all additional costs such as shipping, hard drives, etc.

While conditions may vary, please allow 10-15 business days for each request.

Fee Schedule


First 30 minutes free.
Additional: $60/hr


Technical Services: $60/hr
Preview Tapes: $60/hr

News Film Compilations

Technical Services: $60/hr
Per Story Fee (maximum 20 minutes): $25/story