Tom McCall: A Better Oregon is a multi-disciplinary, service-learning curriculum focused on Governor Tom McCall's legacy to Oregon citizens. By learning about Tom McCall, students will gain knowledge, skills and commitment to act boldly and responsibly in civic matters. The curriculum is designed to involve young people in decisions and actions that will create "A Better Oregon".

These learning units and curricular resources may be used by teachers, by leaders of after-school programs, and by youth-serving agencies.

Study Units Lesson Plans

Student Learning Goals

  1. Students will be able to identify Tom McCall; why he is important; and how decisions and policies enacted during his time as governor continue to impact the lives of all Oregonians.
  2. Students will be able to identify the following bills, their historical context, and their current impact on Oregonians:
    1. Beach Bill
    2. Bottle Bill
    3. Bicycle (Pedestrian) Bill
    4. Land Use Bill.
  3. Students will consider current community issues and policy decisions, conduct research, and then take action to create a better community, "A Better Oregon".