Exhibit Information

All tours last approximately one hour and are included with admission. A minimum group size of 10 visitors is required for a docent-led tour. All Oregon school groups are free and assistance for bus cost is available.  

Our trained docents lead tours that include hands-on use of artifacts and learning tools to meet specific Oregon Social Science Standards.

Current Exhibits

State of Abstraction: Works by Albert Patecky, Oregon Artist

Albert Patecky was an Oregon artist distinguished by his abilities in both representational and non-objective art. He perfected both traditional landscapes and abstract...

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Portland Psychedelic: Music and Culture in the Rose City and Beyond, 1966 – 1972

Portland served as a common West Coast stop for touring bands in the 1960s and 1970s, with a number of nationally known musicians playing shows...

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Pioneering Compassion: 150 Years at the Oregon Humane Society

Compassion runs deep in our community. For 150 years, the Oregon Humane Society has embodied each generation’s determination to save lives, stop...

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Frames Per Second: Selections from the OHS 16mm News Film Collection, 1969-1981

The prints in this exhibit are scans from the KOIN and KPTV 16mm news film collections held at the Oregon Historical Society (OHS) Research...

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Barley, Barrels, Bottles, & Brews: 200 Years of Oregon Beer

The history of beer in Oregon and the passion Oregonians hold for beer and brewing extends back over two hundred years. This exhibition connects...

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Upcoming Exhibits

Experience Oregon

The Oregon Historical Society’s new, permanent exhibit, Experience Oregon, will offer unprecedented opportunities for visitors from all...

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Permanent Exhibits

Oregon Voices

Oregon Voices examines some of the important people, events, and ideas that have shaped the state in the modern era, from the end of World War II to the present. It features the people of Oregon, from Native Americans, who have lived here since time immemorial, to recent arrivals. It looks at Oregonians who have fought for and against social change. And it explores the land—how people have used it and how they have...

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History Hub

History Hub is an exhibit where Oregon’s youth, students, and families can explore the topic of diversity through fun, hands-on interactives, objects, and pictures. History Hub is developed in partnership with an advisory committee of students, teachers, cultural organizations, and museums to tell the stories of people who live in Oregon, today and in the past. The content of History Hub spans grades K-12 with a...

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Vanport Interpretive Panels

On Memorial Day in 1948, the Columbia River, swirling fifteen feet above normal, punched a hole in a railroad embankment that served as a dike, starting a flood that would leave 18,000 people homeless and alter race relations in Portland forever. This exhibit of four interpretive panels tells the story of what was once the second-largest city in Oregon.

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Online Exhibits

“A Symbol of Home”: The Environmental and Political Legacy of Tom McCall in Oregon

Famous for his forceful language and political skill, Governor Tom McCall has remained the name and face of Oregon’s remarkable legacy of...

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Black Athletes Disrupting White Supremacy in Oregon

These exhibit panels were displayed on the campuses of the University of Oregon and Oregon State University during February 2014 to accompany...

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Lost Portland

At the turn of the 19th century, Portland was still the metropolis of the Pacific Northwest, and its buildings reflected a sense of urban...

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Mirror on the Modern Woman: Selected Images from the Oregon Journal, 1927–1932

The 1920s heralded the era of the Modern Woman, a more adventurous and independent type open to new possibilities. The new exhibit Mirror on the...

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Portland: A Lot of People Have Lived Here

Call it the Clearing, Stumptown, City of Roses, P-Town, PDX, Ripcity, Bridgetown, or Little Beirut—Portland answers to them all. The city sits on

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The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde

The people of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde represent almost thirty different tribes and bands that the U.S. government removed to the...

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The Fred Meyer Story

In many ways, the story of Fred G. Meyer and Fred Meyer, Inc. mirrors the story of the expansion and development of the city of Portland from a...

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Windows on America

From June 2013 through February 2014, the Oregon Historical Society was proud to showcase Windows on America, the first ever public display of...

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We Have Work To Do!

Pre-School – Kindergarten
Accommodates up to 20 students
Duration: 45 min.

Learn about tasks that travelers on the Oregon Trail performed and the many different jobs that Oregon’s Indians had and do. You will have the opportunity to look at artifacts, touch objects and listen to a story.