The Oregon Historical Society (OHS) provides educational resources for inquisitive individuals of any age. We offer guided exhibit tours at no cost to Oregon school groups, and we develop K–12 curriculum that strengthens the teaching of Oregon history through standards-aligned lessons. Our Traveling Trunks give educators access to hands-on lesson plans that cover many of the cultural groups and geographical locations that make our state unique.

We are proud to sponsor Oregon History Day, a part of the National History Day® program, where OHS staff work with teachers and students statewide to conduct historical research and critical inquiry in the development of research projects. We support lifelong learning through professional development, public lectures, and family events, and by connecting students and educators to OHS’s many digital resources.

Classroom and Group Visits

Bring your group for an educational and fun tour through the museum. We welcome tourist groups, clubs, college groups and K-12 school groups.

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Traveling Trunk Program

Traveling Trunks can be rented for one or more weeks from Sunday to Saturday by schools and other educational institutions.

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Digital History Projects

The Oregon Historical Society’s Digital History Projects provide the most authoritative and comprehensive online resources on Oregon history....

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Oregon History Day

Each fall, OHS kicks off the Oregon History Day program alongside half a million students in grades 6-12 across the country. Education Manager, Kristen Pilgrim, works closely with educators throughout the state, and students use the OHS Research Library and digital assets like the Oregon History Project and Oregon Encyclopedia to conduct research on the annual theme. The 2020 National History Day® theme is Breaking...

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Tom McCall: A Better Oregon

A multi-disciplinary, service-learning curriculum focused on Governor Tom McCall’s legacy to Oregon citizens. By learning about Tom McCall, students gain knowledge, skills and commitment to act boldly and responsibly in civic matters. The curriculum is designed to involve young people in decisions and actions that will create “a better Oregon”.

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