The Annotated Cartoons by Homer Davenport

Gus Frederick
$20.00 paperback

In the decade of the 1890s, just before the dawn of a new American century, the Republicans regained control of the White House in what many pundits have identified as the first modern political campaign. This was also a time of great economic debate, concern special interests influencing the government, immigration, and the labor question. Globally, the United States was beginning to flex its military muscles, a conflict with Spain was starting to simmer, and a border dispute in Venezuela threatened war with Great Britian. Through it all, Oregon cartoonist Homer Davenport was there, wielding his pen to create caustic caricatures of the notables and notorious on the world's political scene.

For the first time in more than a century, we revisit these illustrations, this time equipped with stories behind the faces and the issues. Again, Davenport reminds us, “…what goes around came around already!”