Oregon Geographic Names
The purpose of the OGNB is to supervise the naming of geographic features within the state of Oregon.
The work of the OHS Press has been suspended, however, OHS Press books are available to individuals through the OHS Museum Store.
Collections Online Catalog
Search the Research Library and Artifacts with the Collections Online Catalog.
The Sterling Fellowships in Pacific Northwest History at the Oregon Historical Society in Portland have been established through an endowment, made possible by the family of Donald J. Sterling, Jr., to encourage original, scholarly, interpretive research in the Oregon Historical Society Research Library.
With a circulation of around 7,000, OHQ is one of the largest state historical society journals in the United States and is a recognized and respected source for the history of the Pacific Northwest region.
The Research Library's collections encompass library and archival materials, including books, serials, newspapers, oral histories, manuscripts, government documents, genealogical and biographical material, photographs, film, and maps.
The artifacts collection includes some 85,000 objects preserving the broadest and most in-depth material culture representation of Oregon history