Oregon My Oregon

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Oregon Historical Society
1200 SW Park Ave
Portland, Oregon 97205
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Oregon My Oregon is an award-winning exhibit that occupies an entire floor (7,000 square feet) of the Oregon Historical Society's Museum.

The exhibit includes two theaters, interactive displays, and several environments, including a re-creation of a Hudson's Bay Company ship hull, a 19th century explorer's tent, and a store stocked with 1940s-era merchandise from the Hood River Yasui Brothers Mercantile.

More than 50 separate displays tell the Oregon story with artifacts, artwork, photographs, documents, audio/visual presentations, and hands-on displays. The 12 distinctive sections of Oregon My Oregon cover every aspect of Oregon's known history, from the earliest settlements to current issues.

Topics include:

  • Geography
  • Native languages and culture
  • Exploration
  • Missionaries
  • Oregon Trail
  • 20th century immigration
  • The growth of Oregon industries

Oregon My Oregon features the most important pieces from the Society's collection of artifacts. Look for a 9,000-year-old sagebrush sandal found at Fort Rock and the lunch counter from Newberry's, salvaged when the downtown Portland store closed in the 1990s.

Winner of a 2005 MUSE Award

The American Association of Museums has awarded the Modern Oregon Issues segment of Oregon My Oregon a Silver 2005 MUSE Award in the History and Culture category. The visitor-controlled display plays video narratives of current events in Oregon. The unique interface is themed on Portland's famous Newberry's lunch counter and its countertop jukeboxes. Selecting a topic from a jukebox initiates a presentation featuring real Oregonians discussing the issue. Find out more about the AAM MUSE Awards.