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Hatfield Historians Forum
March - May 2014
For over 15 years, the Mark O. Hatfield Distinguished Historians Forum has provided broad insights and perspectives on United States history. This year, the series includes four best-selling authors… and one president! H.W. Brands, Lynne Olson, Senator Olympia Snowe, and Fredrik Logevall will be joined by the nation’s leading Teddy Roosevelt recreator Joe Wiegand.
2 Years, 1 Month:
Lincoln’s Legacy
Opens April 12
This original exhibit takes an in-depth look at Lincoln’s monumental presidency between two historic points: the enactment of the Emancipation Proclamation and the Congressional passage of the Thirteenth Amendment. Through rare documents, artifacts, and cutting edge interactive elements, “2 Years, 1 Month” examines Lincoln’s legacy through the lens of slavery and the end of the Civil War.