June 7 – September 20

Exhibit Hours

Oregon is blessed with a number of talented artists working in a variety of mediums to portray the beauty of the state, including the lush vineyards of wine country.


This exhibition features local artists sharing their unique interpretations of Oregon vineyards. Just as wine draws unique characteristics from the location it is grown, so each artist is influenced by the landscape, soil, and sky around them, capturing colors and textures in a unique and personal way through each artwork. Each artist’s techniques, viewpoint, and insight are as individual as the person.



The Oregon Historical Society extends our thanks to the featured artists and Art Elements Gallery in Newberg for their support in making this exhibition possible. To see more works by these artists, visit the Art Elements Gallery website.

Featured Artists:


Theresa Andreas-O'Leary

Jane Aukshunas

Ken Austin

Don Bishop

Brenda Boylan

James Frey

Marilyn Higginson

Jackie McCartin

Michael Orwick

Molly Reeves

Romona Youngquist

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