Focus on Oregon History
African American History in Oregon
This Focus page examines issues, historical moments, and people important to African American’s History in Oregon. We invite you to explore the Society’s primary source documents, Oregon Historical Quarterly articles, and internet links as you inquire into the vital presence of African Americans throughout Oregon’s history.
Asian Pacific American History in Oregon
Asian Pacific Americans immigrated to America from the continent of Asia (including India) and the Pacific Rim islands.
C.E.S. Wood Film Premiere
Remarks by Mary Christina Wood, Great grand-daughter of C.E.S. Wood
Gubernatorial History in Oregon
The Gubernatorial History in Oregon Focus pages provides biographical information and related links about Oregon’s governors since 1959.
Lewis and Clark in Oregon
The Lewis and Clark Expedition's exploration of the American West from 1804 to 1806 was a seminal event in the history of the Pacific Northwest, a fact reflected in the region's place names. Today four counties bear the explorers' names, as do two towns, three rivers, several schools and universities, a wildlife refuge, and numerous other places along the route they blazed.
Reservation Life in Oregon
Indian reservations have been an integral part of the Oregon landscape for 150 years. These pages focus on the development of the Indian reservation system in the state, and the ways in which Native peoples responded to the changes brought by non-Native settlement.
Wartime Portland
A look at how Portland residents responded to wars over the last century.
Women's History in Oregon
A focus of women's roles and influences on Oregon history.