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The Oregon Historical Society’s Digital History Projects provide the most authoritative and comprehensive online resources on Oregon history. Using expert scholarship and OHS’s extensive collections of photographs, artifacts, and archival materials, the Oregon History Project, the Oregon Encyclopedia and the Oregon History Wayfinder engage teachers, students, and the general public in learning and thinking about the state’s past. With this comprehensive multimedia presence on the World Wide Web, the collections at OHS are accessible to everyone.

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2018: A year-long tribute to authors in The OE

The history of Oregon's people, places, events, and biota is remembered and made accessible to all by the dedicated people who contribute to this project and to hundreds of other public history projects and organizations across the Northwest.

The OE is an amazing compendium of scholars, writers, and experts working throughout the region who generously share their research and knowledge about the history and culture of Oregon. We are endlessly grateful. 

January: Nathan Pedersen

Nate Pedersen is a Community Librarian with the Deschutes Public Library in Bend, Oregon.  He is on the board of directors for the Deschutes County Historical Society and Museum.  Nate also works as a freelance journalist, with publications in a variety of newspapers and magazines.  After growing up in Minnesota, he completed his education at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, where he earned a B.A. in Anthropology and an M.A. in Library and Information Studies. His website is

Some of Nate's entries on The OE include:

Klondike Kate
O'Kane Building
Barlow Road
Bend Amateur Athletic Club Gymnasium

Graham Bros. Bookmobile, 1920. 019145

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The Oregon History Project

Oregon History Project

The Oregon History Project (OHP) is a digital resource of the Oregon Historical Society museum and research library. Hundreds of historical records and artifacts from the unique and extensive OHS collections have been digitized, annotated, and organized according to the state of Oregon's social studies standards. The site contains narratives written by Pacific Northwest historians and an online learning center for teachers and students.

The Oregon Encyclopedia

Oregon Encyclopedia

The Oregon Encyclopedia (The OE) is an online resource for information on the state's significant people, places, events, institutions, and biota. Acknowledged nationally for its innovative design and the quality of its content, The OE is the only encyclopedia of its kind in the region. Overseen by a distinguished board of Oregon historians and educators, the hundreds of contributors to the encyclopedia are the most knowledgeable scholars in the state.

The Oregon History Wayfinder

Oregon History Wayfinder

An interactive map of Oregon History.

Oregon History 101 

History 101

Oregon History 101 was a nine-month public history program series designed to give Oregonians a basic understanding of the state's significant people, places, and events. Each month, historians present a chapter of Oregon History, beginning with the earliest peoples and ending with the turn of the twenty-first century. The series emphasizes Oregon's connection to historical themes in American history, including Native history, early exploration, western expansion, race, gender, and social justice, and the post-industrial economy. Series Editors Dr. Carl Abbott and Dr. William Lang have designed the series and invited many of the state's most distinguished senior scholars to speak. Watch all nine programs on the OHS YouTube Channel.

The Oregon TimeWeb

Since its launch in 2008, the Oregon TimeWeb has provided interactive access to the historical materials in the OHS library and museum. In order to improve the site, the TimeWeb is in the process of being upgraded and is unavailable at this time.