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Public Lectures about Historic Conservation Photos Tour Oregon

April 27, 2017

Photos and manuscripts by noted conservationist William L. Finley, his wife Irene, and Herman T. Bohlman helped in establishing wildlife refuges in Oregon. Now those photographs, manuscripts, and other documents are becoming available online and will be shown at lectures around Oregon in late April through early June.

2017 History Makers Announced; Gala Celebration Set for October 8

March 31, 2017

The Oregon Historical Society is pleased to announce the 2017 recipients of the Oregon History Makers Medal. First awarded in 2009, the History Makers Medal is regarded as one of Oregon’s most prestigious honors and is presented annually by OHS to individuals and organizations that are positively shaping the history, culture, and landscape of Oregon. The Oregon History Makers Medal will be presented at a dinner at the historic Montgomery Park building in Portland on Sunday, October 8, 2017.

High Hopes—The Journey of John F. Kennedy

March 6, 2017

One hundred years after his birth, and more than a half-century after his shocking death, John Fitzgerald Kennedy remains a subject of endless fascination for millions of Americans. On March 25, the Oregon Historical Society will unveil an original 6,000 square foot exhibition on the life of this iconic president. The youngest president ever elected, Kennedy’s 1,037 day administration was marked by great hope as well as great tension. How he reached the White House is a story of both privilege and determination. While much of his life has been overshadowed by his assassination at a young age, Kennedy’s achievements during his presidency were significant and are still affecting history today.

Hood River Photographer Peter Marbach Presents Lecture and Slide Show on the Columbia River

February 13, 2017

Photographer Peter Marbach will share stories and imagery from his current project documenting the landscapes and culture of the entire 1,250 Columbia, from its humble beginnings in Canal Flats, British Columbia, to the two-mile-wide confluence with the Pacific, at a free public lecture and slide show on Wednesday, February 15 at 7pm at the Oregon Historical Society. At this program, entitled “River of Hope: The Columbia River – From Source to Sea,” Marbach will discuss the importance of the current Columbia River Treaty re-negotiations and its implications that may lead to the eventual return of Pacific Salmon all the way to the headwaters.

Celebrate Oregon’s 158th Birthday with Free Cake at the Oregon Historical Society!

February 10, 2017

Celebrate Oregon's birthday in style at the Oregon Historical Society! Oregon shares its birthday with Valentine’s Day—what could be a better way to celebrate the holiday than by professing your love for Oregon? The celebration begins on Tuesday, February 14 at noon in the Oregon Historical Society pavilion. Join radio broadcaster Margie Boule in singing “Happy Birthday” to Oregon, and then enjoy a slice of birthday cake served by former Governors Ted Kulongoski and Barbara Roberts. While you feast on cake from Gerry Frank’s Konditeri, listen to a musical performance by the Oregon Old Time Fiddlers Association.

Press Coverage

Japanese Internment & Resistance

March 27, 2017

Think Out Loud, OPB. George Nakata was a U.S. citizen who was sent to an internment camp as a young boy during World War II. He joins us, along with Linda Tamura, professor emeritus of education at Willamette University, to share the stories of Oregonians who fought against social and legal discrimination during the war years. They will both be speaking at a Kennedy School History Pub event Monday night at 7 p.m.

JFK exhibit opens at Oregon Historical Society

March 23, 2017

By KOIN 6 News Staff, March 23, 2017. A new exhibit at the Oregon Historical Society will celebrate President John F. Kennedy in what would have been the 100th year of his life. The new 6,000-square foot exhibition, “High Hopes: The Journey of John F. Kennedy” will feature hundreds of items from the president’s life and time in office. It will be the largest display of its kind outside the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Boston.

High Hopes: John F. Kennedy exhibit opens Saturday at Oregon Historical Society

March 22, 2017

By Stuart Tomlinson, KATU News. The images are seared into the national consciousness: a handsome, young president (just 43 when elected) who projected American optimism and challenged the nation to ask what they could do for their country. Those images – and those heady times – are on display starting this weekend with “High Hopes: The Journey of John F. Kennedy” at the Oregon Historical Society starting Saturday.

JFK: Inspiring a new generation

March 15, 2017

By Lyndsey Hewitt, Portland Tribune. People around the world are celebrating John Fitzgerald "Jack" Kennedy's 100th birthday this year. Oregon Historical Society will unveil a comprehensive exhibit of items and photos. Aptly called "High Hopes: The Journey of John F. Kennedy," the exhibition is titled after Frank Sinatra's song of the same name used during Kennedy's 1960 presidential campaign. His face and rare and cherished memorabilia will grace the walls of the Oregon Historical Society from March 25 through Nov. 12, as the society unveils a 6,000-square-foot exhibition celebrating the life of the youngest president ever elected.

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