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The Oregon Historical Society is dedicated to making Oregon’s long, rich history visible and accessible to all. For more than a century, we have served as the state’s collective memory, gathering and preserving a vast collection of artifacts, photographs, films, manuscripts, books, and oral histories.


Researchers from around the world travel to our library, unearthing information that challenges conventional thinking. Curious individuals come to us to explore their family trees or discover the history of their homes or neighborhoods. Archaeologists, environmentalists, filmmakers, architects, novelists, artists, and others all find their way to us, asking questions, making discoveries, creating knowledge.


We share our vast collection through thought-provoking museum exhibits and robust digital platforms. We bring history directly to Oregon’s students in ways that bridge gaps of time and perspective, and we support lifelong learning through our many public lectures and events. We advance critical inquiry through the Oregon Historical Quarterly, a journal that has sparked conversations throughout our community for over a century.

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The Oregon Historical Society is thankful for the support of our Affiliate Members. Members of the following Affiliate Organizations may take advantage of $10 off membership at the Oregon Historical Society.
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Annual Meeting
Annual Report & Financials
Annual Report & Financials
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Board of Trustees
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An exclusive group of civic-minded businesses that recognize that understanding our past is vital to planning our future.
Opportunities, application instructions and current openings at the Oregon Historical Society.
History of the Oregon Historical Society
History of the Oregon Historical Society from it's founding in 1898 to the present day.
The mission statement of the Oregon Historical Society
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Press releases, press kit materials and news coverage about the Society.
Oregon Folklife Network
Folklife encompasses the everyday knowledge, art, and lore passed within communities through imitation, conversation, and practice. Such arts, knowledge, and skills are rooted in the cultural life of a community whose members share a common language, ethnic heritage, religion, occupation, or geographic region.
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Taking Our History Statewide 2015
The impact of the Oregon Historical Society across the state has grown over recent years as we become more accessible, more diversified, and focus on partnerships and relevance. Today, OHS delivers history in more ways, with more partners, and in more places than ever before. This page provides a brief update on the Oregon Historical Society’s efforts to bring the diverse stories of our state to every corner of Oregon.
The Cabinet
The Cabinet is a group of young leaders of varied backgrounds who share a passion for history and serve as ambassadors for the Oregon Historical Society and promote the case for its support within their communities, businesses, and personal networks.
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The Oregon Historical Society is a memorable venue for all occasions.

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